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name War Simulator Ww3-Ukraine and NATO vs Russia
tags melee, multiplayer, singleplayer
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description Welcome, this is War simulation, and before you try it, make sure your medical adviser checked you, neural technology is new and may produce epileptic attacks... There is still an ongoing Ukrainian-Russian dispute over things such as Russia taking Crimea. And,might you didn't know, NATO countries, such as Canada, have been trying to help Ukraine. Canada, for example, has been sending Canadian soldiers to train the soldiers of Ukraine how to better protect themselves. This operation will last until 2019. But, what if Ukraine invades Crimea to take it back, and what if Russia decides it wants more? Basically, either way, war ensues. Would this cause NATO to be brought into war as well? What if the war started in the 2017-2019 range, as Canada still is sending troops there? What if Russia attacks Canada to stop the western flow of support of Ukraine? What if Canada and other friendly countries were to team up with Ukraine for a Third World War? Putin siad he would be willing to use nukes to protect Crimea, and even Donald Trump, the discriminative, selfish modern American president, who wants to make friends with Russia, and who usually doesn't care about many other countries, wants Russia to give Crimea back. Of course, as of me writing this, the US is still a NATO country, but I'm not so sure that Trump is going to keep it that way. Anyhow, that is my ww3 story. This is all just a possibility, and frankly, not a good possibility, in my eyes. This was just for fun. Enjoy.


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June 30, 2017
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