Blizzard Believes That ‘Titan’ Will Be Bigger Than World of Warcraft
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  • Blizzard has already stated several times that Titan will be a brand new IP so it's not going to be based on the Starcraft or Diablo universes. I find it interesting that Blizzard execs are talking the game up the way they are even though it has not been officially announced yet. They must be pretty confident it will be a monster hit.

    There is a complete set of Titan info over at if anyone has time to kill and wants to do more reading on the subject.

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  • Unfortunately, IIRC Blizzard's finished with WarCraft after whatever final WoW expansion hits the shelves (I don't know the number of expansions, I just know they aren't doing a WarCraft IV or anything of the sort).

    Diablo III looks like the candybears fighting over the crystal caves, just saying. Demons are pink or purple or some bullcrap...

    Not much of an MMO kind of guy myself, so I'm not interested in this 'Titan' thing, but I know for a fact that, with the release of StarCraft II, the Blizzard that was 'ambitious' was long-dead (cause of death was, of course, WoW). I might explore their newest project a bit more later on just to see how their 'ambition' plays out.

  • Let's see what comes... I just hope they don't push the release date of Diablo3 back, don't want to wait any longer :(

    And World of Starcraft is not developed by Blizzard, they just accepted the development of it with their owner rights, that's all. I believe some students are developing WoS (was renamed because of blizzard).

    I'm more for a new Warcraft series, Warcraft3 was a big deal and still is one of the best games ever in my opinion. They should really do Warcraft4, with some new races, some extended story, or whatever.. Mainly I want new units, new opportunities (like the Sc2 Editor with it's possibilities), better graphics (the today standards) the use of B.net2 and of course again a new and active community, not this like it's today in Wc3.

  • If they did release WoS, how would you play as a baneling? I'm pretty sure that'd suck to have to die to even attack. :P

    I can haz custom title now???
  • World of starcraft ? Sounds pretty stupid concept.

  • the Titan will not be a wos.
    maybe will be Diablo Universe of some sort but defenetly not starcraft.

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  • what would happen if blizzard will release World of Starcraft?:> that will be interesting... 3 races, not 2 like in WOW, to play with marine:)) or hidralysk, stalker, or with banegling:))


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