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  • FrozenFlameI have seen alot of posts outside this website on how can a person fit in a marine suit? Ive seen thisimage
    But it seems out of proportion but then.How does a marine fit in these suits. I know the hands don't go in the glove but then, theres this one part of "The Deal" cinematic about him getting the gloveimage
    Hard to understand a 2d picture but the marines body isn't SO wide that his hands go to the wrist. Isn't there a cylinder/cog or whatever between the body and
    the actual shoulder of the suit? Well take a look at where his hands are. As you can see his hands are in the ELBOW part of the suit which means to bend the mech's elbows in the suit he has to bend his wrist which is kinda uncomfortable. But maybe instead of the hands to be at the wrist maybe like you can pull the control thing inwards the "biceps" of the suit but idk though.Now for the torso area. Whenever I see cinematics of marines with their visors up and their standing straight. Their head kinds doesnt make it all the way up there. their nose is kinda in line with the closing or stopper area of the visor so that is considerable to be correct.
    All the other parts is ok with me but what do you guys think?

    Hello how are you?

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