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  • azala
    ExcaliburDoes anyone know which protections do not mess up the parsing? All I did was compress protect it with OSMAP2.

    Uberation2 (which I use most of the time) typically is ok with uploading.

    I have one map done with CMP Test Protector, , it initially had issues which may or may not have been fixed, but the map has been uploaded (I don't know if dcramer did it manually).

    Given the number of potential problems regarding protected maps, there should be a default uploader in case a map fails the autoparser. Seems like a totally obvious thing to do from a usability standpoint, I know people who have given up on the site because of various uploading issues.

    Most likely any map that has the dimensions listed was auto parsed (as people dont typically fill that out. So ya, your map seems to have parsed fine after changes (just no preview was able to parse).

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